Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tips for Cooking the Thanksgiving Turkey

Apologies in advance, if you're expecting our usual photo tips.  My wife and I spent the weekend at an RV park in nearby Newport Beach....can you imagine, camping in this exclusive neighborhood?  It was a nice break from the usual longer trips.  Only an hour from home, and we were set in our travel trailer for a great 4 days.

I've always wanted to attempt cooking a full size bird over charcoal.
Well, here you go.   It actually worked.....and we used some micro sized barbeques. 

Made by Cobb, these babies use only 8 briquets, and there's an internal water reservoir, which provides a continuous supply of moisture, and makes burning or drying out the meat all but impossible.  

Two hours later the meal was ready! 

Celebrity voice impersonated...obviously.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Photographing Yosemite With Tamron

Photographing California Coast For Tamron

Costa Rica With Tamron Lenses

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