Thursday, October 9, 2008

Waterfall and Marsh in Germany

Last fall, I joined my wife Sue, on a visit to her former stomping grounds in the German Alps. Specifically, the Alpine village of Garmisch. We had almost a week together, immediately following a workshop we conducted in Venice, Italy. What a great place to visit and shoot!
The photo above is a stitched panoramic, taken from a hilltop in Garmisch. It's actually 8 individual vertical shots that were stitched together in Arcsoft Panorama Maker Pro....unbelievably east to do the computer work with this program. Each shot was at f/8 for 15 seconds, with the white balance set for Tungsten.

We'd get up early and head out in the rental car, with no particular destination in mind. We always found some great subject matter.

A couple times, she grabbed the video camera, and we did an impromptu lesson.......we've got them ready to look at.....just click on the middle of the screens below.....

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